The Understated Perks of Condo Living

An obvious benefit of condo living is that it takes less time and money to maintain the home, including any outdoor maintenance. Yet, there is so much more to the condo lifestyle that doesn’t quite meet the eye right away. In fact, many will never know all the benefits of condo living unless they live in one or have in the past. Here are some perks of the condo lifestyle that may not come first to mind:

1) One floor living

While there are many lofts in the city, most condo units in the GTA will offer one floor of living. One floor living offers a variety of benefits. For example, for persons with physical disabilities, climbing stairs may be too challenging or not feasible, thus making one floor living the most comfortable and feasible choice. For new parents, one floor living can be a life saver for warming up bottles late at night or sneaking in a load of laundry when the baby is sleeping. One floor living also offers a more open concept layout, with less barriers cutting through the middle. Also, one floor living means an easier clean. You don’t have to travel floor to floor with vacuums, mops, laundry and more.

2) Less baggage

If you live in a condo, you have less space to furnish than a traditional home. You will also have less space to store stuff. This is great. It means less accumulation. While collecting things can seem fun at the moment, it tends to weigh upon us later when we are surrounded by clutter. Small space living can be more conducive to a simpler lifestyle simply because there is less space for storage.

3) Close quarters

People often think that condos can feel cramped on space. However, if a place is furnished and organized in a way that suits the size of the space, a cramped feeling can be avoided. Many families make it work in apartments and condos. They have found creative ways to make the space work. And what can be nice about it all, is that family members are in close proximity of one another, rather than one person up in their bedroom, another in the kitchen, and another in the basement. This gives more opportunity for families to get to know each other, talk, and spend time together.

4) Less expensive to get into the market

More and more, the GTA is leaning towards a condo market. With affordability of detached homes out of reach for many, condos are the viable option. While it may not be the first choice for some buyers, many condo buildings offer facilities and amenities that are convenient and even family friendly, making the condo lifestyle easy to adapt to and quite loved. Also, condo units will have lower house tax, reducing the cost of running a home by more ways than one.

5) Cheaper to power

Another pressing issue in the GTA is the rising cost of hydro. Well, it’s not a surprise that condos have less space to warm up and cool, therefore, requiring less money to keep the space at a comfortable temperature year round. You’ll be surprised how much money this can save you over the long term. You can spend the extra bucks on a nice dinner out every now and then or tuck it away for a well deserved vacation!


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