Easy Ways to Create a Zen Balcony


A yard is awesome if you have one, but balconies can be awesome too. In fact, you can still relax and feel connected with the outdoors on a balcony, without having to “maintain” a larger green space. But, many people don’t fully optimize their balcony space, some people may not even use their balcony (instead, it becomes a storage space). We have some tips on how to turn that balcony into an amazing outdoor retreat with every square inch put to good use.

Go green
An ample display of plants gives this balcony a true feeling of being outdoors.

High-end flooring
If you’re budget allows for it, then professionally installed wood flooring can give a real sophisticated look and, elegantly connect the indoors with the outdoors.
A peaceful statue or two
Stone and clay statues and accessories add a decorative element to your outdoor space while staying true to nature.
Soothing sounds
Nature sounds like the sound of water, birds chirping or the sounds of trees moving with the breeze, is scientifically linked to relaxation and well being. If you’re not situated in an area where you can hear true nature sounds, then add your own nature sounds such as a water fountain or, you can even connect your device to a wireless speaker and play nature sounds as you catch a few Zs on the balcony.
Simple and inexpensive can go a long way
You don’t have to spend a ton of money to create a relaxing balcony space. A simple outdoor rug, a chair or two and a few plants completes this space quite nicely.
Cushy seating
This space is more than inviting. It’s outright calling out for people to stretch out and sip on some cool iced tea.
Set the mood with lighting
String lights and lanterns can set the right tone for evenings. Avoid plugging in and go solar instead!
Vacation vibes
You can feel like your on vacation right at home by adding accessories, colours and patterns that remind you of your favourite vacation spot. The options are endless.

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