The Do’s and Don’ts of Home Decorating


When decorating your home, there are a few things to avoid and a few things worth considering. While these do’s and don’ts may seem obvious, you’d be surprised how often they get overlooked.

Home Decorating Don’ts

  • Don’t restrict yourself by aligning furniture to the walls if you have a big space.
  • Don’t situate your furniture where it will block the flow of traffic, entryways, or closets.
  • Don’t restrict yourself to even numbers when grouping similar items. Odd numbers can generate a more dramatic effect, especially in more casual styles of decor.
  • Don’t overdo it with too much clutter, which can take away from the feeling of comfort and coziness that room decor should give.
  • Don’t restrict yourself to symmetry if you are looking for a more laid back, relaxed look.

Home Decorating Do’s

  • Do use accessories to emphasize the style of decor and theme of a room.
  • Do apply different textures to add complexity and depth to a room.
  • Do use DIY projects to add complexity and detail to a boring room. Good options to bring out the sophistication of a room include crown moulding, textured wallpapers, tall baseboards, and patinas.
  • Do apply a symmetrical layout to maintain order and clean lines when you want to establish a more formal style.
  • Do find a special piece that ties the room together. That room component, whether it’s a piece of artwork or a nice rug, should include the theme and colours of the room. For best results, it should be placed strategically to generate continuity and flow between living areas.
  • Do use additional furniture, such as side tables and coffee tables, to make a room more inviting and comfortable for guests and more functional for you.
  • Do put emphasis on a few items in the room, and use additional accessories to support the theme, but not as focal points themselves.

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