Minimalism – Great for Small Spaces


Minimalism was designed with small spaces in mind. The less decorative elements in this decor style, allows the home to stand out by itself. The style doesn’t incorporate many accents, accessories, or even furniture items. Colours are monochromatic, simple, and in small quantities. It is based around the idea of white as a way to maximize space.

Is Your Decor Style Preference Minimalism?

  • Minimalists generally prefer a decor style that is modern, contemporary, and on occasion, retro and more dated (although still following a simplistic style).
  • Minimalists prefer organization and order in a more casual, and relaxed way that is not present with more formal styles of home decor.
  • Minimalists follow the principles of functional decorating. For example, a decorative piece should also have some usefulness.
  • The design highlight is placed in the building structure itself, and efforts are made to preserve a maximization of space in an open layout as much as possible.
  • Minimalists like a blank canvas. In their eyes, a room should use light and bright colours to increase the perception of space and establish a neutral palette for other elements of design. While white is the colour of choice, off-whites, teals, pale greens, and blues are other possible options that appeal to the minimalist.
  • Minimalists like furniture with clean lines and geometric shapes, usually in dark colours to make more contrast with the bright walls. Minimalists will want their furniture to have special attention in a room, as furniture is usually the only decorative element of minimalist design.
  • Just like minimalists prefer furniture with clean lines, smooth textures, and glossy materials, fabrics in this style should be plain, with no prominent textures to distract the eye.

Whether or not you are a minimalist, this style preference has its advantages for condo dwellers. With less square footage, having less decorative pieces creates less clutter and more flow. As well, the use of lighter paint colours can be effective in a condo space, to increase the perception of size. Finally, selecting furniture pieces with clean lines, helps create a leaner look overall.