4 Easy Storage Ideas for Your Clothes

Let’s face it. Most of the overflow of stuff in our homes is from clothing. In larger spaces, we can often solve this problem by stuffing closets and buying more armoires and dressers to squeeze it ... read more
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Family Life in a Condo Done in Style

Many people today are deciding to live in a condo or apartment with their growing families. Some choose this lifestyle because they want to stay close to the city, or find it the more affordable option in ... read more
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5 Easy Decor Ideas for Thanksgiving

1. Welcome your guests with a festive wreath to get them in the Fall spirit. Photo by Jess Scaggs – Browse traditional entryway photos   2. Dress up the fireplace and mantle with pumpkins, ... read more
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Creating a Wow Factor in a Room

1. Scale:  Balance oversized furnishings or accessories, and keep the number of pieces to a minimum for an uncluttered look. In the picture below, a painting dramatically takes over nearly the entire wall. ... read more
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What We’ve Learned from Erin Boyle

Image source: cupofjo.com
Erin Boyle, author of Simple Matters, believes that living simply and purposefully is a step in the right direction for the environment and our own personal happiness. In both her book and blog, Reading My ... read more
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