4 Indoor Decor Musts for Summer

Summer is the perfect time to brighten up the indoors. Here are a few ideas to freshen up your home decor this summer season by bringing the outdoors inside! Ceramic Accessories Adding a ceramic accessory ... read more
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5 Apartment Balconies We Love

If you live in a condo or an apartment with a balcony, then don’t take it for granted by using it as storage or not using it at all. Take advantage of that extra square footage and use it to relax, ... read more
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3 Elegant IKEA Hacks

Who doesn’t love a really good IKEA hack? We’ve rounded up some of our favourites. These are affordable, easy-to-do ways to turn your IKEA purchase into a one-of-a-kind piece. 1. VITTSJO Coffee ... read more
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Multi-Functional Furniture

sofa bed
Ask anyone, and they’ll tell you that their home could use more storage space. But when you’ve run out of space in your closets, storage locker, garage or shed, it’s time to get creative. ... read more
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